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Services offered:

Our authors will always own their publishing rights. Residual rights for multimedia offerings are always negotiable. We empower our authors and employ their ideas by creating a collaborative workspace that helps navigate and then shine in a crowded self-publishing field. We are not self-publishing, we are co-publishing and we help authors do it the ‘write’ way!

  • Storyline shaping and modeling
  • Author interviewing and structural development
  • Ghostwriting or co-authoring
  • Professional formatting
  • Extensive editing , beta readings, final editing and galley copy development
  • Indistinguishable production, digital and traditional because yes, a book is judged on its
    cover and design.
  • Multi-medium marketing and comprehensive distribution handling – including traditional,
    digital and audio
  • Promotion & publicity – from etrailer development to marketing appearances and creating
    buzz-worthy public relations campaigns, we utilize all media mediums

Author Services

Empowering Authors

This service provides comprehensive completion of a dream to a book. We afford authors a self-publishing like solution powered by our experience. This service is a consulting venture that affords us the ability to produce the book you want on your timeline under your direction. Let us show you how vast your choices are with our full range services.


This is our specialty professional editing process. We perform a formatting check, grammar and storyline accuracy review, and overall interest / audience reception rewrite (if needed).

Diversify Formatting

In addition to setting photos, graphics, and compelling cover creation, we also provide accurate formatting to meet today’s digital and traditional standards. We can make your manuscript available in print, e-book and audio. We also provide specialty services in the way of indexing, data entry, image manipulation and more, reflecting a clean and professional layout.


Complete services for full or partial ghostwriting in all genres. This includes assignment of an NDA , a non-compete for the lifespan of the project, and full release of royalties due. We work to ensure a flat fee based on the scope of writing, full or partial, that is needed.


We will position your book to readers, the media, reviewers and more.
Under our well-connected industry reach, your book will be available from online book retailers, including and, as well as having a Galley pitch launch with a book trailer, press releases, marketing plan, social media campaign, and more. We also include media coaching and a professional biography to help enhance in-person events.

Fiction and non-fiction writers alike will benefit from our extensive services by co-creating their book products for all major retail channels. We offer diverse and creative packages that cover three critical and necessary areas of the publishing process: production, promotion, and distribution.

Executive Summary For Business Plan

Our mission is to tap into the brightest minds of today and tomorrow by empowering them to write about what they love and ensuring they have a marketable product. We offer complete expertise in all aspects of book, magazine and digital publishing through a strong network of industry professionals, publishing insights, and experience in diverse genres. We don’t simply promise to publish work because we are “write”on when it comes to success!

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